Adding a Telugu Twist to Father’s Day

Ready for father’s day? For the second year in a row (2 for 2!), I’m very excited about the Telugu twist I’ve been able to add to our Father’s Day (ahem, Nana’s Day) gift.

Though I can’t spill the beans on it this year’s idea for fear that “nana” will see the post, I will share and highly recommend last year’s gift.

Ever hopeful that I may find new Telugu children’s books, or resources for learning spoken Telugu, I regularly search through all the Telugu products on Amazon.  This is what lead me to last year’s father’s day gift: World’s Best Nana (dad, in Telugu)  It is a bit expensive for a tshirt, but it’s unique and a perfect Father’s day gift for the Telugu dads in your life!  There are a few other designs for Nana, and you can also get one for Tata (grandpa) while you are at it!  Love this Tata one.


And finally, I must also mention that we did also buy the same shirt, in smaller size and different color for my mother.  As with many Telugu familial titles, there is a crossover with the term “nana.”  In Telugu it’s dad but in our family tradition, “nana” means grandmother!  Extra fun…

Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day!


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