The Many Flavors of Cultures Capsules

What you see in our online gallery is a small, yet wide-ranging sample of Cultures Capsules we have curated, hosted and produced over time. 

Some are curated by us, and others we have created based on the stories of friends from around the corner and on the other side of the globe.  

The below represents some example formats you can use to tell YOUR story, along with fan favorites that you can try at home.

syrian brunch feast. tea, eggs,
Syrian brunch feast, care of the Soufi family in Toronto.

Family Portrait

Just as we take photos at certain celebrations, a multi-sensory Cultures Capsule can represent a certain time, place and memory for a family.  The Soufi Family’s Syrian Brunch Feasts in Toronto is one great example.  Tip: it’s even more fun to see how they change over time!

Capture an old Family Recipe and the Stories that Make it Special

Carnitas, Cumbias, Craft Beer, Other Half beer, salsa verde

Trace the preparation of this family recipe for Carnitas across 3 generations, learning the required beverage traditions and soundtrack, lest the food take on a bad taste. 

butter chicken

Celebrate the Evolution of a Family Recipe

Just as often recipes take on lives of their own as location change, availability of ingredients, mixed families… all sorts of things.  Here we trace the evolution of the Butter Chicken recipe that is a family favorite of Megs, paired with music that parallels the evolution.

buckwheat crepe, galette complet de breton, brittany, france, festival de cornouaille
Take your guests to a Brittany for the night, with galettes complete, cidre and music and videos from the Festival de Cornouaille.

Portrait of a Place

Virtually transport yourself to Northwestern France and experience the Festival de Cornouaille which celebrates the rich and diverse culture of that part of Brittany, while enjoying their delicious buckwheat crepes, a playlist of music from the 2017 festival, and videos of the musicians and dancers from the famous festival parade.

jamaican feast in memory of beryl, curried goat, rice and peas, salad, carrot lime juie and plantains
in memory of Beryl, and unforgetable Jamacian mom

In Memorial

Multi-sensory portraits makes a great tribute to a loved one’s life.  We can feel, taste and hear the love Beryl had for her Sunday dinner attendees by making her Jamaican Curry Goat, hearing some of the songs she’d have on, and learning little anecdotes about what it would have been like to sit at her table.

Variations on a Theme

When you are curious about a tradition outside of your own, rather than a cut and dry Wikipedia definition, take a multi-sensory tour of various expressions of certain holidays or traditions.  For example we’ve collected Ramadan traditions here in NYC that have roots in Palestine, Malaysia, and we have to put the finishing touches on some others, from Nigeria, Yemen and Pakistan, to name a few. Check back soon, or sign up for our newsletter to be notified!

Try on a Tradition

Maybe you are curious about a holiday or tradition outside of your own, and would like to try some of the related rituals, food or music? One example we’ve captured here is one Rosh Hashanah where we atoned for our sins by reflection on our transgressions and symbolically casting them off into the water in the form of stones, and also praying for a sweet year ahead, while we dipped apple slices and freshly-baked Challah into honey.

iftar setup with dates, fruit, maamouls tea
simple iftar staples.

Invite Neighbors for an Iftar at your Home

We’ve shared a simple format to host your Muslim friends and neighbors for an iftar.

… and so many more.