For many years, Megs (creator & founder) has been hosting some version of Cultures Capsules at her home, and also helping friends host in their own homes. Several years ago, she started sharing them on her secret website as the easiest way to share the recipes and playlists, and soon realized she had a collection of multimedia, multi-sensory, cultural portraits of people, families, traditions, places., and even things.

Friends and family enjoyed to have their stories wrapped up into a cultural time capsule, and she loved that collecting them online in this way allowed people anywhere in the globe to try out that immersive, multi-sensory cultural experience on their own, by pressing play on that playlist or video, cooking that same food, and hearing or seeing the related stories.

food + music + stories

Each has their own magical power to virtually and instantly teleport us through space and time, and touch us deep in our human core.

Combining all three into one experience hits all of our senses simultaneously, offering a more visceral encounter with what is being offered.

The Cultures Capsules framework allows each of us to express our uniqueness according to the elements of food, music and stories; not always according to lines drawn by DNA, birth or circumstance.

It also offers a point of connection, because these elements are common to humans around the globe.

creator bio

Hi! I go by Megs, Margaret or Meghna. I’m reluctant to introduce myself because this isn’t about me. That said, too many readers have told me they want to know who is at the core of this diverse collection, so here is a nibble of a bio:

I like to get to know people through tasting the food they share around their own tables, hearing their music that lights them up, and listening to their stories.

I also love to cook food from around the globe, experience all sorts of music, and write my own stories in the forms of poems and songs.

Cultures Capsules melds these loves into multi-media portraiture in the form of multi-sensory cultural experiences.

Cultures Capsules is an avocation.  It’s my way way of being in the world, and I can’t not do it.  But when captured in this easily shareable way, it also becomes my offering to the world, and hopefully makes a small positive impact to the world we are leaving our children.

~   ~   ~

So who am I?  Well, just as I go by many names, I wear many hats.  Astute readers will see the parallel to the Cultures Capsule theme here: I don’t like to be boxed in.

My six year old son say’s I’m an everything bagel.  Maybe that would have been our name if he’d have told me before this year.

A renaissance woman with many interests and skills, I’ve held many jobs.  From global innovation and strategy work, to writing the curriculum for a new high school course I’d then teach; from making one cohesive team out of people sitting all over the globe, to creating marketing materials for a family business while simultaneously taking care of customers, making things, organizing data and connecting people have often been core to the roles.

Once I left the corporate world to realize my dream of being a stay-at-home-mom, I was able to apply these skills to the aforementioned loves & skills, and this is when Cultures Capsules – my third child – was born.

Along with my husband and two children who are also avid and vocal participants in my Cultures Capsules project, I am local in Brooklyn, New York; Plymouth, Massachusetts and Hyderabad, India.

* why don’t you show your face?