a rainbow of habanero peppers

Across the globe, food, music & stories are three elements that humans have in common, and are also how we humans express our uniqueness. 

Each has their own magical power to virtually and instantly teleport us through space and time, touching us deeply. 

Smells and tastes that bring us right back to our grandma’s kitchen. 

Sounds that transport us to the back seat during long car rides with the radio on.

A story that makes that isolating experience in your first grade classroom suddenly not seem so unique.

The collective power of these elements creates an immersive, multi-sensory experience with the power and magic to connect us, simultaneously celebrating our commonalities and differences.


online, digital archive to inspire offline, in-person connections

expressing & connecting

The Cultures Capsules format allows each of us to express our uniqueness according to the elements of food, music and stories; which do not always fit neatly into to lines drawn by DNA, birth or circumstance.

It simultaneously offers an immediate point of connection to, because these elements are common to humans around the globe.

Each capsule is authentic to itself – not confined to lines or boxes drawn by others – thereby celebrating the multi-dimensionality of all experiences and identities.

This site provides a platform to capture Cultures Capsules experiences, and intends to inspire you to not only try one of ours, but create your own, and share your story back as well.

Cultures Capsules offers a platform, a format and examples by which to exchange our true cultural identities, helping us to move beyond stereotypes and tired demographic boxes.