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Here are some other ways to work together.

These can be as a service, or perhaps we can barter.  Here is the link to request them.


Beastie Boys Tour of NYC

A Cultures Capsule tour: hire me to take you on a tour of the things in NYC that inspired some of the Beastie Boys lyrics.  For example we’d hit up Krispy Kreme for some donuts (“sweet and sour like a tangerine, fresh like a box from the Krispy Kreme”), and take the train to High Street Station  (every day I take the train to the High Street Station, doin’ homework on the train, what a &%^$ situation.”), and so, so much more.  food + music + stories like you’ve not seen before.


Custom Greeting Cards or Personal Mandalas

To date I haven’t officially offered these services because they are quite personal.  That said, on my Instagram feed, you can see some of the ones I’ve created and put out into the world. If you are looking for a unique gift (engagement, birth, wedding, death…), this may be for you.


Cooking Classes

I can offer Indian home cooking classes, and can also coordinate cooking classes w home chefs representing cuisines around the world.


Co-working in Brooklyn

I open my home weekly for a co-working session (usually Thursdays) w/ some of my famous Masala Chai.  We can also plan for a chat, or just working fueled by chai and whatever snacks or lunch I decide to whip up that week.  Chai form here.


Tradition Redux

Trying to sort out just how to breathe your values and reality in to a new tradition?  Let me help you (e.g. a created a meal blessing for a lesbian wedding).


Encapsulating the Memory of a loved one

Here is one example where we painted a multi-media portrait to capture the essence beloved and unforgettable Jamaican mom.

Looking forward to hearing from you…


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