Strawberry Shortcake with Cardamom-scented Scones

Only in sitting down to write this post did I realize this was actually my 3rd foray into adding an Indian twist to my favorite desserts.  The Indian Chai Tiramisu was fresh in my memory, but I had forgotten my initial – and favorite – Garam Masala Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from way back when (probably because they seem so standard, now).

Anyway, as with the Indian Chai Tiramisu, this one was a bit of a chance happening.  We were headed to a BBQ and I wanted to bring something festive, but didn’t have much time.  Hubby suggested the old standby (the cookies, of course!), but I was a bit bored of that and wanted to try something new.  It being Friday evening after a long week however,  I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired, so I gave in and picked up some overpriced raisins from the deli for the tried-and-true cookies.  (Thankfully?,) I was too tired once our munchkin slept, and decided I’d leave the cookies for the morning… which is when the magic happened.

I was feeling fantastic as descended the steps from yoga class, both from the practice and because the clouds had given way to a beautiful morning.  I resolved to figure out SOMETHING new to try for the BBQ.  Internal dialogue went something like this:  “Hmm.  What’s my favorite summertime dessert that would be SUPER easy to do (we had a train to catch!)?  My first thought was to do something with watermelon (have you ever tried watermelon curry?!!  So good… I’ll have to write about that someday!), but personally, I think the spice turns it into more of a side dish, and the watermelon we got that week wasn’t great anyway, so scrapped that idea.  Strawberry Shortcake?  Maybe.  I could make those super-quick baking powder biscuits with a bit of added sugar, and they would suffice… but I wanted something better.  I could use my favorite last minute shortbread stand-in for a slight twist, which would be super-easy: just pick up a few different scones on the way home.  Yea, but … … wait!  I could MAKE those quick 20 minute scones we found recipe for when we were planning our Indian-inspired first birthday tea!  Yes! But how can I add a twist?  Just then I walked by the coffee shop from which I had bought cardamom raspberry muffin a couple weeks ago and with that knew exactly what I had to do.  Instantly pumped, I grabbed some organic strawberries and got to work.  Once again, I forgot to take photos so you’ll have to take my word for it!

Strawberry Shortcake with Cardamom-scented Scones

Scones – I simply followed the classic scone recipe on BBC (conversions below), adding a good dose of cardamom along with the sugar.  I contemplated also adding some chopped strawberries to one of the batches (yes, I made 2 because the were so quick!), but decided to leave well enough alone and try that the next time.   The only thing I would do differently next time is maybe not let mine be quite so thick, and/or just make sure to cook them a bit more.  I didn’t let them brown too much, so they ended up a tiny bit doughy inside.  The only one who complained was hubby (I kinda liked it that way and so did a few of our friends), but I also can’t deny that it just wasn’t a classic fully crumbly scone with a slightly gooey center.

Conversions from metric:
flour – 2.8 cups
butter – 5.99 tbsp
temp – 392.54 (gas)

Strawberries – Two batches of scones would match nicely with 3, 1 lb containers of organic strawberries, washed, chopped, bit of sugar added, and mashed to your liking.

Whipped Cream – For the BBQ, I took the easy route and brought a can of whipped cream because I knew fresh whipped cream wouldn’t travel well, and I didn’t want to bother making it there.  I made fresh whipped cream the next night when I shared the two leftover scones with a friend.  This second time, I was all excited to try a bit of cardamom in the cream as well, but was also excited to catch up with my friend!  The latter won out, and I forgot that I needed to watch my whipped cream lest it become whipped butter.  Thankfully, I had a bit of heavy cream left…. but had used up the last of the cardamom!  Will have to try it next time.  The good news is that with a little sea salt, that cardamom butter has been awesome on whole wheat English Muffins all week.  Munchkin agrees.

Try it!  And let me know how it goes.

In the meantime I’ll leave you with some fun trivia:  Did you know that cardamom is the third most expensive spice by weight, behind saffron and vanilla (according to Wikipedia)?

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