RIP: Taj Tunes

2018 Update: We are sorry to report that as of December 2017, Taj Tunes is no longer in operation, but it was SO good while it lasted!  We leave this post up to keep the memory alive. 


Looking for a unique greeting for friends and family?  Have you tried Taj Tunes, the personalized, “outsourced,” singing telegrams of the day?

I first sent a round of them to friends and family several years ago, after hearing a interview of the founder on NPR and falling in love with the concept.  I can’t find the audio of the interview on NPR (though I guess I didn’t look too hard), but from what I remember, the idea was born like this: the gentleman who founded it was chatting with a lady friend about how much of life is outsourced, and then I think she said that when birthday greetings were outsourced, things had gone too far (or something to that effect).  He then took that as a sort of fun challenge and voila: outsourced, personalized, recorded greetings sent directly to recipients phones, along with an emailed recording to cherish.

Anyway, I guess I sort of forgot about them until last week when I was thinking of a fun greeting to send my two (American) sister-in-laws, who were each celebrating birthdays.  While shopping for greetings, I also chose a lovey-dovey one to send to hubby as well.

As with the first time around, they were met with rave (and surprised) reviews.  The first time around I sent it to a few younger cousins on their birthdays, and one aunt told me that they not only enjoyed listening to it over and over, but that she actually used it as a teachable moment, hopping on the computer for a bit a mini geography and culture lesson for her son.

Though this type of greeting will never replace actual hand written cards and notes for me, I do think it’s a fun, novel way to send a message.  Personally, I particularly like the quirkyness of the lyrics and the singers’ not-so-polished voices.  I can also say that customer service is amazing because when I mistyped a phone number last week, they responded to my inquiry immediately and resent the recording extremely promptly. I was impressed.

So head over to Taj Tunes, and send someone a fun greeting today!


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