Cookie Party 2021: Pared Down and Spiced Up

A portrait from Brooklyn and The World

Cookie + cocktail Christmas partying the best we can, as Covid drones on.


As with many things in 2020, our cookie party was a virtual one. While we were no strangers to bagging up our favorite cookies to gift to neighborhood businesses and delivery people, it was a first to run around the neighborhood delivering to friends as a replacement for our beloved annual merry-making party!

busy home kitchen whipping up christmas cookies to deliver to friends during the covid pandemic.  red and green almondy cookies and candy cane.
scenes from the 2021 cookie factory

Come cookie time 2021, we were so pumped to host in our new home, but Omicron was at the doorstep. We cookie-partied, pared down enough minimize the risks of virus spread. While it was not exactly as we had imagined in our new home, it was fun all the same.


The Full Menu

Here is the list of what my elves and I whipped up. They are in order based on how many years they have been a standard (longest, first). Linked recipes are found in portraits already published on the site, and the remaining make their debut on this portrait.

lots of holiday cookies ready for the annual party
the 2021 cookie spread, before anyone arrived….

I must also mention some amazing cookies that Dorota brought from Jubilat Provisions in Park Slope. Everyone who tasted them couldn’t stop talking about them. I ran by Jubilat a few times and they didn’t have any more. Check back there early December 2022!

geeta brothers on the stereo at the cookie factory! see music section…


Christmas Cookies + Cocktails Playlist

9 hours of good christmas tunes

This has been growing every year. Last year’s favorite addition was Daveed Digg’s “Puppy for Hanukkah,” and we were singing it long past Hanukkah.

This year we came across two brilliant albums by the Geeta Brothers. We only found it the morning of the party, which was perfect timing to add some amazing laughs as we shaped and baked hundreds of cookies. Did you see the short clip of this year’s cookie factory in the section above? Their version of “Frosty the Snowman” was on the speakers.


Pirjo’s Finnish Glög

Finnish Glög in two traditional Finnish Tsaikka glasses
finnish glög in two traditional finnish tsaikka glasses

Let’s start with the favorite new addition because to enjoy it, it needs advance prep: infusing the vodka. The full portrait about Pirjo’s Finish Glög can be found here, along with a Finnish Christmas playlist to accompany it, thank’s to Pirjo’s son Oskari.


Ashriya’s Gingersnaps

ashriya holding a big plate of mini gingersnaps fresh out of the oven and ready to share with her class
gingersnap bites to share with her class, december 2021
nice big plate of fresh gingersnaps
ashriya’s picture-perfect and delicious gingersnaps


Ashriya’s Candy Cane Cookie

Ashriya has developed two versions of a peppermint cookie but only one made the cookie party this year, and Arav made them. Her recipe uses the basics from the “Cookie Formerly known as Christmas Twist,” swaps out almond extract for peppermint extract, and adds crushed candy canes on the top for crunch (note that the recipe differs in other ways as well so see below for details).

The other peppermint cookie that Ashriya invented was the Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream cookie, developed the summer of 2020. We may have to incorporate that in the 2022 Cookie Party!

fresh cookie sheet of candy cane christmas cookies home made
crushing candy canes for cookies and kulfi
little elf hands helping crush candy canes, christmastime 2016


Almondy Christmas Trees

After a happy accident lead to us adding sounf to our famous banana muffins, we started putting it lots of other places, too. Here it adds a nice crunch and surprise flavor (not to mention festive, christmas-light-looking decor) to Almondy Christmas Tree cookies.

cookie sheet of freshly baked christmas tree cookies w saunf

December 2022 you will be here before we know it! Covid, we hope you will be a (mostly) distant memory when that time rolls around.

In the meantime, let’s eat more cookies!

chai and garam masala oatmeal raisin cookies
chai masala (in tsaikka glasses!) and garam masala oatmeal raisin cookies