Cookie Party in the City of Lights, v1 2022

A portrait from Brooklyn and Paris

Another of our favorite Brooklyn traditions shared with new and old friends in Paris.


The Cookie Party

Thought it’s known simply as “The Cookie Party,” it’s so much more than that. It’s a nice moment of sharing traditions with friends new and old, it’s cultural delicious exploration, it’s ornament- and overall merry-making, plenty of cocktails and, yes, lots of cookies to enjoy.

cookie party 2022, cookie formerly known as christmas twist, almondy angels, christmas trees with sounf

There are certain stand-bys we need to make each year, but each year we also have a rotating sampling based on new favorites from that year, often based on travel, but sometimes just because of what friends introduced to us that year.

cookie party 2022 (in jan 2023) in paris, all the many cookies

The cookie party must-haves:

cookie party 2022, garam masala oatmeal raisin

Then as you might expect, sometimes those new items end up being part of the yearly repertoire, like Pirjo’s Finnish glögi.

finnish glögi in a pair of tsaikke glasses in front of a lighted christmas tree and a pretty lit candle

The only hiccup was that we had to wait until January to have it! I ended up getting very sick the week before. Instead of in the kitchen making batches and batches of cookies, I was curled up in bed.

So when we finally had it the first weekend in January, it meant that everyone was in Galette de Roi mode, and we had at least 3 brought by friends that day, each from different pâtisseries. It became both a fun taste-test, as well a fun tradition to add to Cookie Party 2022.

galette de roi at the cookie party 2022, cookie formerly known as christmas twist, almondy angels, christmas trees with sounf
galette de rois at the ornament-making table


Cranberry Old Fashioned

This is definitely a bit of a misnomer, but that’s what we called it the day of the party because i developed the recipe based on some I found of the same name, and it just stuck. I’d change the name on my recipe, but you can see I had made a nice label for the jar it was served in!

cookie party 2022, cranberry old fashioned

That said, next time I make this I will add an orange rind and/or Grand Marnier. Though I supposed I should be careful w/ the Grand Marnier because it’s already quite a dangerously-easy-to-drink, hard-hitting cocktail.

Final note on cocktail parties in France. It’s considered a bit uncouth to have cocktails during the day. Even having a cocktail at apero time (after 5pm) is unlikely unless it’s more along the lines of a spritz or something light. But, hey! This was an imported, American party, so I went right ahead and tried to inspire others to go ahead and day-drink American style. 🙂

cookie party 2022 - cranberry old fashioned, nearly finished! good party.
cookie party 2022 – cranberry old fashioned, nearly finished! evidence of a good party.



cookie party 2022, cookie formerly known as christmas twist, almondy angels, christmas trees with sounf

When deciding what else to add to the tried and true selection of cookies we discussed making madeleines (which had appeared at prior cookie parties), meringues or macarons as a nod to our current favorites in Paris.

When two of our annual cookies were foiled by ingredients I didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to find in France, we needed to find an alternative to round out or flavors. I thought of a favorite from childhood that includes the very American cinnamon: Snickerdoodles.

cookie party 2022 mom's snickerdoodle recipe

But in the end we decided to keep it an imported tradition, and stay away from making things that expert patissiers were doing all around us.

cookie party 2022, snickerdoodles

When the first batch ended up a bit crispier than I like, we turned them into mini ice cream sandwiches instead. YUM.

cookie party 2022, overcrisp snickerdoodles became amazing ice cream sandwiches
overly crisp snickerdoodles transformed into ice cream sandwiches

Mmmmmm how many days until ’till next the Cookie Party 2023?!