Your Recipe Reference for Ragas Live(stream) Festival 2020 @ Home

A portrait from Brooklyn and The World

For 24 hours, beginning Saturday, November 21st at 7pm, global music legends will join from their various corners of the globe, as part of the 9th Ragas Live Festival! Below, we have collected recipes from the artists themselves, as well as home chefs, to help you taste the sounds emanating from around the globe.



Just as the Ragas Live Festival is rooted in Indian classical music but also celebrates innovations (what has been called a Raga Renaissance), the foods captured here have a parallel trajectory. All of the recipes here (and on the entirety of this site) are made and enjoyed in the homes of people who have roots in these geographic boundaries and have various geographic and cultural trajectories of their own.

ragas live monika njavas sun chicken for her tako telo performance
monika njavas sun chicken for her tako telo performance

Not unlike the musical artists who studied hard with their gurus and are as adept at masterfully performing a classical raga as they are transforming it to speak to them, these recipes come from home cooks who are steeped in the tradition of their homeland and have also adapted their recipes to account for their taste preferences, availability of ingredients, or even whims.

Which is all to say, we use countries to orient readers geographically, but do not pretend that “Indian” begins to represent the deeply rich and varied cuisines across that country. Similarly, the “Malian” dishes presented here are versions of dishes that have variations across western Africa and predate geographic borders.

Registration for the livestream is here.


Ragas Live Festival

Now on its 9th year, you can read about the history of the festival here. We encourage you to register and donate to help support the artists and the festival!

Then scroll through the below to choose your snacks or entrees and make your shopping list! If you are in the NYC area, you can use the online grocer Mirchi to find/deliver some items that may not be in your local grocery store. At the time of writing, there were still delivery windows available! Act fast cuz you know how it goes during COVID. 🙂


Monika Njava’s Akoho Masoandro

Toko Telo on stage

You’ll want to click on over to the story of Monika Njava’s Akoho Masoandro (Sun Chicken) recipe. Otherwise known as the voice of Madagascar, Monika Njava will be performing with her band, Toko Telo at 2:00 pm on Sunday 21-Nov.


Abhik’s Nashta

full thali to enjoy abhik and company for ragas live (online!) 2020
abhik’s nashta, while enjoying his perfomance

We are very thankful to Abhik Mukherjee who has provided us a whole menu for a breakfast feast to enjoy during his 10:00 am EST slot with Samarth Nagarkar and Dibyarka Chatterjee.

thali for ragas massive: coconut ghee rice, dal, jeera aloo, raita, burfi, okr fries and nanis puri
abhik’s nashta.


Malian Feast: Yassa + Gombos

2023 Note: I don’t see one on there now, but I believe there was a Malian artist on the lineup initially, which is why I included these.

Yassa Poulet

malian picnic of poulet yassa and to sauce au gombos
sauce au gombos and yassa poulet for Salif Keita live at Prospect Park

This recipe was part of the Malian Picnic portrait we created to celebrate Salif Keita’s live show in Prospect park the summer of 2019. The recipe for Poulet Yassa came via the Mali rising foundation and represented a recipe from a woman who routinely cooks this in very large quantities for the community.

Sauce au Gombos

yassa poulet and sauce gombos for salif keita live at prospect park july 2019
sauce au gombos and yassa poulet for Salif Keita live at Prospect Park

This recipe was also part of the Malian Picnic portrait we created to celebrate Salif Keita’s live show in Prospect park the summer of 2019.


From Our Family Cookbook

Just a few more options to throw on there. Hey, it’s COVID after all and many of us are expanding our cooking repertoires… did someone say sourdough? These are family recipes that (at least as as of early November 2020) are not part of a Cultures Capsules portrait.

chai and garam masala oatmeal raisin cookies
chai and garam masala oatmeal raisin cookies

Garam Masala Cashews

This recipe comes from the “Spiced: Desi Hip-hop + Garam Masala Cashews” portrait.

garam masala cashews in a pretty bowl

Garam Masala Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

garam masala cookies for days
coconut burfi on a traditional indian tray with candles and laxmi
coconut burfi

Watermelon Curry

delicious watermelon curry

Chana Masala

chole masala chana masala in a copper serving bowl

Saag Paneer

saag paneer in a copper serving bowl with rice behind it

Nani’s Pooris

poori pooris lesson w naani in Hyderabad (us in brooklyn) poori
kids made nani’s pooris


From the CC Archives

a hot plate of pau bhaji and garnished with butter, red onion, lime and cilantro and brioche rolls

Here’s a quick list from the 2019 Raga Live Festival. Before I have time to add the details on this page, the full detail is just a click away:

Keep checking back for more recipes! I’ll add them as more submissions come in.

hyderabadi biryani

Continue to more Ragas Live recipes + stories: Toko Telo’s Sun Chicken from Madagascar, or over to the page for Nashta for Abhik Mukherjee + Samarth Nagarkar’s Set.