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syrian brunch feast
Soufi family’s Syrian brunch feast

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Cultures Capsules are made up of three elements that humans have in common across the globe, and simultaneously amount to our uniqueness: food, music & stories.

Each element has their own magical power to virtually and instantly teleport us through space and time, and touch us deep in our human core.

Combining all three into one experience hits all of our senses simultaneously, offering a more visceral encounter with what is being offered. 

The Cultures Capsules format allows each of us to express our uniqueness according to the elements of food, music and stories; not always according to lines drawn by DNA, birth or circumstance. 

It also offers a point of connection, because these elements are common to humans around the globe.

south indian comfor food feast.cheers over a table full of food. all ages dinner.
South Indian Comfort Food Feast, with amazing Brooklyn-based Carnatic Jazz
" If I'm an advocate for anything, it's to move. 
As far as you can, as  much as you can. 
Across the ocean, or simply across the river. 
Walk in someone else's shoes or at least eat their food. 
It's a plus for everybody. "
  - Anthony Bourdain

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the multi-media encapsulation of a Cultures Capsule should be worth a few million words, so perhaps the best way to experience a Cultures Capsules might be to dive into a favorite example:


microphone on an empty stage. tell your story. what do you have to say?

I was truly impressed by the level of planning, forethought, and hard work that went into this event. Its not easy to turn a living room into a comfortable performance venue with seating for 30, or serve a multi-course meal to attendees seamlessly during a live music show. There were so many details that really took the event to the next level in terms of the insight it offered into this culture. For example, we didn’t just get to taste the food, we got to look through recipes in the family’s own cookbook, and see actual family pictures displayed around the room…”   

– Amy

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