Ragas Live 2022: Tuned in From Paris, France

A portrait from Brooklyn, Paris and The World

One of our favorite fall traditions continued with friends new and old in Paris.


Ragas Live + Food

The Ragas Live Festival is a 24 hour, live music event that was born as a celebration of ragas from the Indian Classical Music tradition, and has grown to involve musicians from all over the world. It began in 2012 on the radio, and as of 2016 became a live event, usually at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn.

We have been attending the Ragas Live Festival in Brooklyn for years. In 2020, when Covid had other plans, and the Ragas Live team created a streamed version including artists from many corners of the globe, we of course tuned in from home. But more than that, we reached out to artists who were featured and asked them what foods and drinks they would recommend we play along with (or before or after) their music. We made Sun Chicken from Madagascar thanks to the recommendation and recipe from Toko Telo, a Indian breakfast feast thanks to the menu provided by Abhik Mukherjee, and we also cooked up a selection of our favorite family favorites like pav bhaji, coconut dal, coconut rice, pooris, raita and coconut burfi and provided other options from the archives, like Malian Poulet Yassa and Gombos.

And everything we made, we packaged up and shared with nearby friends and neighbors, dropping it off in the short breaks between sets.

lots of food ready to share with friends and neighbors for ragas live 2020, tuned in from brooklyn

So when we found ourselves in Paris for Ragas Live 2022, we decided to do the remote + feast version again, this time with friends both new and old, in France!

mango lassi during jay ghandi's set at ragas live 2022 streaming from paris, france
second round of lassis for jay gandhi + ehren hanson, 330pm paris time set


Ragas Live 2022

When the festival is not happening, you can check out a few videos via the Pioneer Works Youtube Chanel or listen via links on the Ragas Live website.

You can also check out the many, many videos available on the Brooklyn Raga Massive YouTube channel, or use the below 2022 schedule with links I added to go directly to the artists you want to check out and support!

2022 Lineup w/ Links
cutting onions for upma ragas live 2022, streaming from paris, france
cutting onions during Qasim Naqvi’s set



Watching from Paris, France, the first set was at 2 am! But I didnt want to miss the first set, either, because I had seen Saraswathi perform before. I asked her if she had any suggestions on what I could have along with her set to help wake me up and enjoy.

She was kind enough to give a lot of suggestions to not only wake me up but to cleanse and calm the digestive system!

To calm the digestive system, she recommended to “eat a few pieces of this before snacking on anything else: fresh minced ginger root (peeled), mixed with pink salt, and black salt (if available), and juice of half a lime (not lemon).”

She also suggested several hot drinks including chai masala, hot apple cider and paanakam, for which shared her recipe. I dont think I had had paanakam before and it was quite nice.


Panchmishali Torkari

Parvathy Baul sent along a long list of dishes and example recipes for dishes that could be find in Baul Ashrams during celebration days. With enough time and hands I would have made all of them! But I read through and decided to make Lassis and Panchmishali Tokari, and to heed the note that they do not use garlic nor onion.

panch vegetables de la marché pour panch pashali takari. five vegetables and 5 spices panch phoron ragas live

It interested me most for a few reasons. I knew panch means five in Hindi (and also in Bengali, as it turns out), and so I was curious to know what the rest of the name meant. I soon learned that in Bengali, mishali means “mixture” and torkari means “curry.” And as the name suggests, the dish is a mix of 5 spices, and also typically 5 vegetables. It also uses mustard oil and I don’t think I had ever cooked with it before.

an apprentice and I chopping a day ahead to prep for the ragas live 2022 streaming from paris, france

I read that it is a very typical dish and often eaten at celebratory times, which seemed like a perfect fit.

full plate of food for ragas live 2022 streaming from paris, france
2nd round of the feast, during the abhik mukherjee + shank lahiri set

For the five spices, it is a standard mix called panch phoron, which you can find at any Indian grocery store. Typical of Bengali cooking which tempers whole spices rather than powdered spices), it contains five seeds: equal parts cumin, nigella, fennel and black mustard, and little less fenugreek.

For the five vegetables, it’s often includes potatoes, pumpkin, eggplant and radish but there are no hard and fast rules. The idea is to choose a variety of tastes, textures and colors, and cook them until they are almost cooking into one another but remain distinguishable from one another. I raided the fresh vegetables at our marché (farmer’s markets) here in Paris, and ended up with potimarron (pumpkin), eggplant, zucchini, cauliflower and orange carrots.


Upma + Curry Leaf Podi

homemade curry leaf podi for ragas live 2022, streaming from paris, france

Having only moved to France only weeks before, and only packing what we could carry on the plane with us, our several podis did not make the cut. But we were craving upma so i needed to make some sort of podi to go with it! It turned out great. Made into a paste with a generous amount of melted ghee and eaten with upma, it is heavenly. It has been useful ever since, added to rice (with ghee or not), and also added in with the spices when I make a chicken fry. Oh la la.

cooking for ragas live 2022 streaming from paris, france
cooking for ragas live 2022 streaming from paris, france

Incidentally, that’s another great crossover tradition that began this fall If we get one of the ubiquitous roast chickens for a meal, the 3 of us almost never finish it, but we take the leftovers and turn it into a nice Indian meal of “Indian tacos,” by frying up the chicken with ghee, onion and spices, and eating it inside of parathas.

indian-spiced pulled chicken made from spoils of chicken soup
homemade curry leaf podi on our favorite upma for ragas live 2022, streaming from paris, france
upma and curry powder, and chai masala


Vanilla Brigadeiros

vanilla bridgadeiros as a dessert and afternoon snack, happened to be timed with jay ghandi ragas live 2022
a treat to make the jay gandhi + ehren hanson set even sweeter…

We were looking for a Brazilian treat as a nod to Brazilian master percussionist Cyro Baptista. We of course thought of the beloved Brigadeiros but they are most often chocolate, which my son somehow detests. So, we found this vanilla version that my daughter made all by herself. They were very sweet, but our guests enjoyed them throughout the afternoon!

But next time, we want to make them chai masala flavored! We will ground up some Red Label tea and add it to the condensed milk when it is cooking down. For spices, we will add ginger, cardamom and fennel seed, which are three flavors required in our family’s chai. I think we will also cut down on the amount of sugar in the milk because it is already sweetened and we add sugar on the top.


Hagdi Coconut

hadji coconut, an iranian dessert, for ragas live 2022 watching and eating from paris
well-timed hadgi treat during the amir elsaffar set

An Iraqi purim treat, adapted from this recipe found on The Jewish Food Society (a fav!) site. We enjoyed them in the afternoon, during Amir ElSaffar’s set, but also with each group of attendees for dessert after lunch and dinner.

chef a2 making hadji coconut, an iranian dessert for ragas live 2022
apprentice arav chose to make hadgi coconut for ragas live 2022


Mint Tea + Dates

When asked what we should enjoy for their set, Esraa Warda told me we should have moroccan mint tea and dates. And she was specific that we needed to to keep it in a kettle (not tea bags), and use fresh mint.

mint tea and dates for Bnat el Houariyat & Esraa Warda set at ragas live 2022 streaming from paris, france
late-night snack for bnat el houariyat & esraa warda

It was going to be 11;30pm Paris time for their set, so mint tea and dates was just perfect. And as luck would have it, the furnished rental in Paris has the very same tea glasses I would have used if we were back in Brooklyn!! What are the chances of that?!

mint tea and dates for Bnat el Houariyat & Esraa Warda set at ragas live 2022 streaming from paris, france
late-night snack for bnat el houariyat & esraa warda


That’s a Wrap!

What’s better than licked-clean plates and pans to remind us what a delicious time we had? Until next time….

ragas live 2022. the large pots of curry were scraped clean by all in attendance
empty pans during the samir langus set

But I will end with one last photo as a postcard from Paris. I took my laptop and a glass of wine out to the balcony for the Arun Ramamurthy set at 10pm Paris time. 🙂

on the balcony for  the third to last set of ragas live 2022, streaming from paris, france
wine + laptop on the balcony for the 10pm arun ramamurthy trio set