Virtual Ski Trip: Chili-in-a-Bread Bowl and Ski Resort Tunes

A portrait from Colorado

Part nostalgia, part sleuthing, this portrait is really just good plain fun, and could use YOUR help to wrap it up.

breath that fresh mountain air
breath that fresh mountain air



A day of skiing is not complete until one has warmed up and refueled with a hot chili-in-a-bread bowl. Thus, following a bread-bowl-less ski trip in April 2018 to Keystone in Colorado, I was left with no choice but to make breadbowls and chili to satisfy that craving and compete the ski trip.

Of course, at Cultures Capsules we are also always tuned into the sounds around us, so when I was looking for a playlist for our cooking and dinner, naturally, I thought about the music trends I had anecdotally noticed at various ski trips over the years.


Slope-side Soundtrack

Over the years, and across US mountains in the east (in NH; VT; ME; NY) and in the west (UT; NV; CO), I’ve noticed a common theme across the mountains.  In the morning, the songs emanating from the speakers are typically classic rock, or popular dance tunes, seemingly getting everyone pumped up for the day. In the afternoons, by the time skiers are likely ready to rest and refuel (with a warm slope-side chili-in-a-bread-bowl and a nice cold beer?!), the music shifts to reggae.

The, playlist for this portrait aims to take you to the slopes by following this same pattern of classic rock that migrates into reggae. The early songs get the chef and the pretzel dough rising, and when ready to eat, the reggae is ready to transport you to an Adirondack chair in the snow, at the base of a mountain.

I hope next year has us exploring other mountains with our skis, ears and tastebuds, and if so, I’ll update this portrait.

In the meantime, to expand my slope-side song analysis beyond my own memory I reached out to some friends I thought might have been tuned in to what was on the speakers while they skied or boarded.

Germany: Ski-loving friends in Germany tell me it’s a variety of energetic club or rock music from artists like Helene Fischer, Wolfgang Petry and Andreas Gabalier.  I added some of their tunes at the end of the playlist for good measure.

Japan: Friends who skiied in Nagano claimed it was quiet; that skiers there wanted to focus on the skiing, not the partying.  Any other observers want to contribute here?

Canada: April 2019 update! We were able to squeeze in some reconnaissance at Banff Sunshine Village in Alberta Canada! I took note of some classic rock, but also club music and a remix of Dolly Parton’s Jolene,

apres-ski chili at keystone mountain in colorado, wiht toppings, hot sauce and 2 rolls
chili, sans bread bowl, at banff sunshine village

Who out there has had your ears tuned in when you’ve skied Alps? or Andes? Or…?  Or who out there is in charge of music at Mountain resorts? Weigh in!  We wanna hear about it.


Pretzel Bread Bowl

If you’re making your own bread bowls you’ll need to get that dough started to give it time for its rises before you start the chili.

pretzel bread bowls fresh from the oven
pretzel bread bowls resh from the oven

I came across this recipe from the Beeroness, and decided to give it a whirl. We were not disappointed!  I had wanted to use a local wheat brew from Folksbier but they only had citrus-y varieties (like their Satsuma in a can… mmmm), and I decided for the first time making this bread recipe I’d use a straight-up wheat.  That said, someday I’d love to try pretzel bread with a bit of orange essence… drizzle some honey and extra salt? YUM.

pretzel bread dough about to start its rise
pretzel bread dough getting started



chili in a homemade pretzel bread bowl, topped with cheese and scallions with erdinger to wash it down

Curious if there are avid skiers (or mountain employees) among readers who have insights on on tunes at ski resorts! We would hear what you have to say, here.