À Table: Fondue

A portrait from Rhône-Alpes

Our weekly “À Table”dinner series gets its name from the mealtime call to the dining table. Since 2018, we have invited friends new and old to share a meal focusing on food, music and traditions from various places in the Francophone world. It has proved to be a fun way to connect with friends and practice our spoken French. Here on our site, we share portraits of some of our favorite meals so that you can easily do a version of the same chez vous Bon Appétit!

Why settle for simply eating fondue when you can deepen the experience by also enjoying some French music, and also parlez de français (speak some French)?


Playlist: French Favorites

Though many À Table dinners have a specific artist or genre associated with it, we also have one default Spotify playlist of all of our French-language favorites. Simply put it on shuffle play it’s hours of good listening.


Our Favorite Basic Fondue

It’s great to offer a variety of accompaniments, across the starch, veggie, fruit, and meats spectrum.  For cheese fondue, we offer some combination of the below, depending on the dietary restrictions of our guests.


Game: Parlez Francais: Le Jeux

Out of this weekly À Table tradition came a game we developed to encourage speaking with one another during the meal.  We found that with varied ages, levels of friendships – not to mention varied French abilities – having a game to fall back on increased the speaking immensely, and was also simply lots of FUN!   We’ve prettied it up, and made it a printable so that you can play with your own friends and family.

The first printable French conversation game: Parlez Français: Le Jeux!

Parlez Francais: Le Jeux – playing during a meal of raclette!

Turns out it’s a great way to get to know new friends! Just as often as we invite old friends to join us, we invite classmates / families that we don’t yet know well, and it is always a blast to get to know them as we fumble through our French.

Check out the Etsy listing for more information, and to download it, print it, and play it today!

Et merci à La Mini Frenchie & Rima for her help editing this first official version of the game. Stay tuned for future versions!