À Table: Tarte Flambée + 20 Questions

A portrait from Alsace

Our “À Table” series provides easy weeknight French dinners paired with French music and activities and games to create a whole fun-filled evening of practicing spoken French with friends.

Literally translating to “to table,” À Table is a colloquial way of calling everyone to the table, much like a good old American “come and get it!”

It will leave you more time for thinking of ways to stump your dinner guests in a friendly game of Twenty Questions (Vingt Questions)!


Tarte Flambée

tarte flambée w/mushrooms, fontina and truffle salt
rolling out tarte flambee dough to be ready ahead
getting tarte flambée ready for it's first time in the oven


Game: 20 Questions

This French-ified game comes with big thanks to Sarah and family who happened to come over on an À Table evening that we didn’t have our printed Parlez Français le Jeux game because we had forgotten we had lent it to a friend.

Sarah suggested the game 20 Questions, but played in French, and I had to wonder why I had never thought of that?! Brilliant!

You probably already know how to play, but if not, here is a very brief tutorial:

One person chooses a person, place, or thing, and keeps it in their head, not revealing it to anyone.  Then, the guessing begins!  Other players must ask questions that can only be answered with a “yes” or “no,” in an attempt to figure out what the person has chosen to "be," and with each answer the subsequent questions should bring players closer to the answer.  The most fun way is to take turns going around the table asking question as a "team," trying to figure it out before getting to 20. 

To get you started with some of the basic questions, we have this printable, here.

20 questions and quiche on the dinner table

Or, if you just need more explanation on the game itself, head to the 20 Questions Wikipedia pages,


French Favs

For this À Table installment, we’ll stay with the greatest hits: our continually-updated playlist of favorite French-language songs. Put it on shuffle and enjoy.