Festing in Place 2020

A portrait from New Orleans and The World

We’ve been festing in place since 2018!  Join us, Cultures Capsules-style by cooking up some fab favs that will virtually transport you to New Orleans and the Jazz & Heritage Festival!


Festing in Place

crawfish monica line at jazzfest 2015
in line for crawfish monica at the 2015 fest

A few months into the global COVID 19 pandemic and looking for some senses of normalcy, we are psyched to join in on WWOZ’s Festing in Place, airing lots of fab sets from Jazz Fests of years past. Luckily we have some practice because we’ve been virtually festing for years! Unable to get back to the amazing city or New Orleans, we’ve created virtual adventures for ourselves to approximate the feeling of being there as best we could.

sazerac, pralines, beads and second line umbrella

Scroll on down for our takes on jambalaya and red beans and rice, or hit up older portraits that capture Lobster Meghna (our take on Crawfish Monica), pralines, Dr John’s favorite Raccoon Stew (thanks to a recipe posted by WWOZ, we made it as a tribute when he passed). There are also instructions on how to make your own second line umbrellas!

So! Print out your cubes, and plan out your food and listening adventure for 2021 Festing in Place!

jazzfesting in place cubes 2020
2020 cubes for #festinginplace

Try it yourself and laissez bon temps roulez!


Jambalaya All Day

Can’t get enough Jambalaya in food and music form!

band busking jambalaya in jackson square
band busking jambalaya in jackson square, 2015

We love to binge on one song, listening to all the various takes. Here’s one playlist of lots of great versions of Jambalaya. I think our fav version is the first time we heard it, in Jackson Square! If you know the musicians in the photo above below, please tell me!


Mama K’s Jambalaya

jambalaya sans okra and how you gonna clap koozie from jazz fest in new orleans


Red Beans & Rice

Every time I say or type “Red Beans and Rice,” I hear it as they say it The Meters version of “They All Ask’d For You.” In between verses and choruses, they pepper the song with various classic New Orleans dishes. They say “red beans and rice a couple times, and the second time, when the put the emphasis on the “red” is how I hear the name of this dish, anytime I type it or say it.

red beans and rice, garnished with green onions, and crystal hotsauce and sazerac to wash it down

It being quarantine times, I pressure cooked a whole one pound bag of dried red beans, and ended up making this, (and our old favorite soldado!)


Other NOLA Fun

There’s lots more recipes that can get you feeling all jazz-fest-like. You can make Dr. John’s favorite Raccoon Stew (or veal if it’s what you got/prefer).

racoon stew to celebrate the life of dr john.
dr. john’s fav raccoon (veal here) stew

Or try our take on the famed Crawfish Monica or some delicious pralines….

crawfish monica, red beans and rice
crawfish monica, red beans + rice


DIY Second Line Umbrella

diy second line umbrellas

Or make yourself a nice little second line umbrella! They are airing a second line every day at 2:3oPM New Orleans time!

second line umbrella craft diy all the necessary bits