Limoncello Cake

A portrait from Brooklyn and Italy

The beloved cake that captured our hearts and tastebuds, and wouldn’t let us sleep until we replicated it at home.


Nothing said summer picnics like the limoncello cake! As we completed our raid of Caputos for our typical picnic feast of fresh mozzarella (best we have ever tasted outside Italy – no other place compares), dried sausages, olives, pesto, etc., it was hard to say to to the stack of limoncello cakes by the register. They were just too, too good.

limoncello cake from caputos fine foods in brooklyn, february 2018
perfection: limoncello cake from caputos, february 2018, requested for their shared 5th and 7th birthday celebration with their grandparents.

They were so beloved that they were even requested for birthdays. We absolutely savored them … until the Brooklyn chef who was making them moved away!  Dun, dun, duunnnn.

jenny's tuna tartar

So we tested and tweaked several recipes (even bringing some to the Caputo family themselves to taste test!), and are proud to report we can now make this delightful cake at home. What’s more is that it’s actually not that difficult!

fresh homemade limoncello cake



The day we nailed it, Favonio was on my speakers, so now that’s a required ingredient to make sure it tastes correct! Insider tip: the sax player for Favonio, Mimmo, is also featured in the Tale of Two Carbonas portrait!

So just put this playlist on shuffle, nice and loud, and you’ll be good (and you will be bopping around your kitchen).


Limoncello Cake

the full spread of ingredients one of the many recipe tests for limoncello cake
one of the many recipe tests for limoncello cake
fresh homemade limoncello cake with a finger bite out of it
too good to wait! evidence that my 8 year old apprentice snuck a taste