Nana’s White Cake (aka Hot Milk Cake)

A portrait from Dorchester

This is a guest post of seven-year-old Arav, who took advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to apprentice with his mom and learn WordPress. When he’s not making cake, you can probably find him playing soccer, listening to Zayde Wolf, fishing, or talking about fishing.


The Best Cake

This is my favorite cake recipe. It was my great-grandmother’s recipe and my Nana makes it, too. Everyone calls it “Nana’s White Cake,” because as you can see, it’s vanilla and vanilla frosting. I hate chocolate, so I love this cake.

From the photo below, you can see that all Nana’s grandkids love it, too. They can’t even wait for us to sing ‘Happy Birthday!” before stealing a taste with their fingers:

my little cousins took a taste before we even sang ‘happy birthday!’

But the funny thing is, even though I call it “Nana’s White Cake,” I’ve never make it white like the photo! Instead, I like to add food coloring every time I make it, and sometimes my mom and I make it into fancy shapes.

When it’s my birthday, my mom helps me make a cake in the shape of something I like. I’ve had basketball-shaped cupcakes, a banjo, a race car stadium with race car twinkies, an airplane with a French flag, and a soccer ball. My sister has had a rainbow fish, two different candy mandalas. Scroll down for all the photos from different times we made it!

jan 2018: race car and stadium for my 5th birthday. 44 is louis hamilton.


Birthday Music

You can listen to The Beatles’ Birthday song to set the mood.


Nana’s White Cake

jan 2020: soccer ball cake for my 7th birthday



On her ninth birthday, I helped my sister decorate her birthday cake. We made a mandala using lots of candy!!!

feb 2018: mandala cake for my sister’s 7th birthday

Here are some more of our favorite cakes using this cake recipe.

jan 2019: a plane with french flags for my 6th birthday
basketball cupcakes w nanas white cake recipe
jan 2015: basketball cupcakes for my 2nd birthday day
banjo cake made from nanas white cake recipe
jan 2015: banjo for my 2nd birthday party, on the weekend
clue game birthday cake diy
feb 2022: ashriya made a clue-themed, 11th birthday cake
my 9th birthday. a shark swimming with lots of fish!
jan 2022: a shark swimming with lots of fish for my 9th birthday party!
rainbow fish using nanas white cake recipe
feb 2015: rainbow fish for my sister’s 4th birthday
home made birthday cake underwater scene fishing birthday cake fishing cake diy fish in an ocean and a boat
jun 2022: my delayed 8th birthday: a boat fishing in an ocean. pretzels are fishing rods
nanas white cake for our anniversary
jan 2022: my sister and I made a cake for our parents – all by ourselves! – to celebrate their dating/engagement anniversary.