Ashriya’s Soft Pretzels

A portrait from Brooklyn and Germany

This is a guest post of nine-year-old Ashriya, who took advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to apprentice with her mom and learn WordPress. When she’s not testing new recipes, you can probably find her designing fashionable clothing, playing violin, or devouring Harry Potter.


Soft Pretzels

chef ashriya with a plate of her fresh soft pretzels

It was around 2019’s Oktoberfest, and we were looking for some German traditional food to make…and we came across Soft Pretzels and decided that we should try them this year. So, we got to work. 1h and 15 mins later we were done with the Pretzels’ dough and it had risen and we had shaped them into Pretzels’ shapes. We choose to have the toppings to be some cinnamon and sugar, some cardamom and sugar and then some salt. They turned out so delicious that they were gone by lunch the next day!


German Music

I really wanted to find some traditional German Oktoberfest music, so I asked my mom’s friends Tante Kate in Frankfurt, Germany and Tante Miriam now in Amsterdam, Netherlands to send me some. First she sent me a link to Die Wildecker Herzbuben, but it the modern takes on folk songs weren’t what I had in mind. Then she sent some more traditional ones that I liked.

They shared a mix of clubby modern takes on folk songs that are common these days, as well as some traditional ones.

Then I also had to add a family favorite German version of “Itsy, Bitsy, Teenie, Weenie, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” that we came across last summer.


Ashriya’s Soft Pretzels


Pictures From the Process of the Pretzels

Here you can see my brother and I making the pretzels. In the first picture I am wearing one of my two authentic German dirndls that Tante Kate brought me all the way from Germany.

This is when I am putting my toppings on the Pretzels. I am also wearing a Traditional Oktoberfest dress
Preparing the mini baguettes to go on the oven.



We like to experiment with different toppings like cinnamon and sugar, and cardamom and sugar.

Fresh from the oven😋
Cinnamon and sugar topped final!

We also like to use a twinkie pan to turn the dough into min-baguettes! Sometimes we make them savory to make a nice home for Oktoberfest bratworsts, and sometimes sweet because they are so delicious.

homemade pretzel baguettes
homemade pretzel baguettes
pretzel baguettes along with a rosh hashanah dinner
pretzel baguettes ready to be the cozy homes of some bratwurst and frankfurters for oktoberfest/rosh hoshannah mashup dinner